Australia to reimburse ‘stolen generation’ Aboriginal

Australia is going to pay 75,000 Australian dollars per person to the many Aboriginal people who were forcibly removed from their families as children. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced this on Thursday. Apologies had already been made in the past, but reparations had not been made.

Thousands of young Aborigines and residents of the Torres Strait were taken from their families and placed with white reception families under an official “assimilation policy” that lasted into the 1970s. The victims belong to the so-called “stolen generations”.

Prime Minister Morrison spoke in parliament about a “shameful chapter in our national history”. The Australian government has previously apologized, but “our actions must continue to match our words,” the prime minister said.

The Australian government has earmarked millions for reparations. Part of the compensation is also that the victims are given the opportunity to tell their story to a government official and receive personal apologies in conversation or on paper.

1 billion Australian dollars

The Australian government has a plan of approximately 1 billion Australian dollars to improve the position of Indigenous residents in society. Many of them are severely disadvantaged in terms of wages, health care, and education.

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