Australian angriest octopus beats geologist

Not every animal likes a photoshoot. Geologist and author Lance Karlson experienced this firsthand during his vacation in Western Australia. There he got into trouble with an aggressive octopus. The animal hit him a whopping three times, leaving Karlson with some red welts on his skin.

Lance Karlson was vacationing in Western Australia with his family and decided to take a dip in Geographe Bay with his two-year-old daughter. In the water, he thought he saw the tail of a stingray.

When he got closer, Karlson discovered it was an octopus. The geologist quickly made a video of the animal, but it was clearly displeased: “The octopus lashed at us, which was a real shock,” Karlson told Reuters news agency.

Fortunately, the grouchy sea creature couldn’t hit anyone at the time. The octopus was prepared for revenge: when Karlson went into the water a little later on his own to dig up crab shells, the sea creature brought out its best attacking techniques.

He hit the geologist on the neck, upper back, and arm.

“My snorkel goggles came on, the water was suddenly cloudy, and I remember being shocked and confused,” says Karlson. “I knew vinegar would help with marine stings, but I didn’t have it at the time.” That’s why the man poured Coke on his injuries. “That is also an acid, and it helps.”

“Octopuses are wonderful creatures that clearly have some strong emotions just like humans,” Karlson added.

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