Bad weather in Kenya: the humanitarian situation continues to worsen

Kenya has experienced heavy rains over the past two months, resulting in destruction, landslides and floods. The latest report shows 150 dead, more than 300,000 displaced, thousands of livestock killed.

The Red Cross has appealed for $5 million. Reportage in the locality of Wakahiga, in the centre of the country, whose families are stricken.

The Red Cross came to bring tarpaulins, blankets or mosquito nets to the dozens of families affected.

“The water came from the hills. It was very violent. I went out with the children but one of my sons was missing. I went back to his room to save him. When I came out, I fainted. The house is still standing, but its walls are totally cracked. We cannot live in it anymore. I will leave the house, I will not go back,” says Eunice Djeri Warowe.

Héléna Mobi Mwangi managed to save a mattress and some clothes. With her husband and three children, she is housed in a house in the neighbouring town. She is waiting for a gesture from the authorities. “We will go where the government can install us. We are ready to start from scratch, but the authorities have to give us another land to build a new house,” she says.

Affected families lived at a risk zone of the foot of the hill near the river. Today their relocation is a puzzle. “It will be difficult to change the situation because the population density is high. But the government can create infrastructure so that people are less affected. In addition, I expect new crises because of climate change. No one thinks of storing the water from these rains, so in three months we will still talk about drought. If we do not anticipate more, there will be more disasters”, analysed by the regional director of the Red Cross, Gitonga Mugambi.

Meanwhile, the rains should continue until June and should make new victims if no solutions from the government.

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