Barack Obama shares beautiful old photo on Michelle’s 55th birthday

Former American President Barack Obama has shared a moving old photo on Twitter on the occasion of his wife Michelle’s birthday. It was 55 yesterday.

On the photo a young Barack and Michelle can be seen. He put his arm around her and they both laugh happily at the camera. “I knew it way back then and I’m absolutely convinced of it today — you’re one of a kind, Happy Birthday!”, he wrote.

Michelle thanked him immediately and also all the others who had thought of her birthday. “I also love you all,” she wrote in a tweet. “I am incredibly grateful for my South Side roots (the neighbourhood in Chicago where the Obama’s come from and which has a reputation for suffering from crime and poverty, ed.), My partner and daughters, and all the incredible things I’ve done over the past 55 years. year already. I cannot wait for the sequel!”

Barack and Michelle celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary in October. In her memoir ‘Becoming’ she wrote that their relationship had almost never been there. Barack made a “terrible first impression” – he was late and completely drowned by the rain – and she actually did not want to date him because he was her trainee in the law firm where she worked. She even tried to link him to a friend. But Barack was so tenacious that she eventually went to take an ice cream with him. And the rest is history.

At the publication of ‘Becoming’ she admitted that their wedding was not always rose and moonshine. The couple even went into relationship therapy for a while, but in their own words they came out stronger.

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