Bee bearding: Man claim to be ‘king of bees’ and posses power to control them

In the west of Uganda, there is a unique technique existing there; the ability to control bees. Some of the locals boast of having “extraordinary power” to trap and prevent bees.

We all know about bees and their relationship to humans, especially the ones producing honey. It’s also estimated that one-third of the food we consume each day relies on pollination, mainly by bees, but how about controlling and commanding bees to the extent that they are friendly to man and very obedient? Not everyone can do this except some people in western Uganda.

A particular man from western Uganda called himself the “king of bees”, and the “Queen of bees came to visit him” and has controlled bees for more than 30 years. His name is Ndayisaba, but he claimed to possess “extraordinary power” that can understand and control the swamp of bees.

According to the Youtube channel “Afrimax” which recorded one of the videos, explained that over one thousand bees cover his body, creating what looks like a suit.

“The King of Bees” has such a high control of bees and has been studying bees and their communication for the whole of his life. Ndayisaba does this by having the Queen bee under his command, and these bees react by protecting his body. To them, “he’s like the queen bee”, and he uses that method, and the result is quite shocking. And with such knowledge, such an incredible force of nature can be controlled.

Bee bearding: Man claim to be ‘king of bees’ and posses power to control them

According to him, “this is very simple”, and according to what he explained: “you might think that it’s easy”. The self-acclaimed “King of bees” reveal that all he does is looking for the Queen, take “possession of her because she has an intent control over bees”. With that, he can take the swarms on his body to wherever he wants. This has paid him on different occasions, “like when the swarms invade a particular area, people invite him, and he has to drive this beast away from people and bring security in that place”.

Ndayisaba is becoming a superstar in that community because of bees; many people call him Beeman, but he calls himself the “king of bees”.

The Beeman performs these incredible stunts of transporting bees on his body only but is also a beekeeper and earns most of his income by selling honey. He has kept these beasts for an extended period and insists that life would be incomplete as the “king of bees” without bees in his life.

He boasts of giving bees orders and commands them, but not many people can control and order them to do whatever they want, like Ndayisaba, which makes him unique.

Since childhood, he has been keeping bees and has been keeping them for almost 30 years. In so doing, he has come from being an ordinary beekeeper to becoming an extraordinary Beeman.

The “King of bees” says, “when people see him walking around with these bees, they find it incredible, and they all go on asking how on earth, he can even make this possible”.

Bee bearding: Man claim to be ‘king of bees’ and posses power to control them

“He’s inspiring many people in this area who never thought this would even be possible, and sometimes he gives them lessons” and “one day they’ll graduate and then join him”.

Ndayisaba dreams of making a parade, where people will be matching with swamps around their bodies. Of course, it might look scary on one side, but on the other hand, it will also be satisfying to watch.

The Beeman warns everyone from a professional beekeeper to a young person, all people in general, not to try this at home, forest, or anywhere. After all, it may be too dangerous to anyone trying this because it has taken him at least 30 years to master this technique. Though he can perform this anytime, he knows it’s precarious and can even bring death.

In the same village, another incredible Beeman is existing. Augustine is also a beekeeper. He says he was born and found himself in an environment connected to bees. His father and his grandfather also did this profession of beekeeping. Finding himself in such an environment saw “his love and start keeping bees”.

He started keeping bees at 20 years of age and is now 64 years old but says, “starting from his grandfather and whoever he saw keeping bees, he had never seen such a person like his friend {Ndayisaba e.d} and a server who can carry bees on his body like the way he does”.

He says, “the man is extraordinary for him. He has a special way of talking to bees, and they listen to him, not like his friend, Augustine has a poem that makes bees happy, and whenever bees are listening to this poem, he can extract honey easily in the hive without any other technique.

The man believes “a man should have dominion on every kind of animal as it is written in the Bible: God gave man dominion over animals”, he said.

Another man can be seen in another video performing the same incredible stunt.

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