Biden: Shameful that Trump does not admit his loss

Democrat Joe Biden said in a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, his hometown, that nothing will stop the transition to a new US administration given his election victory. “America is back,” said Biden, who finds it “shameful” that Donald Trump refuses to admit his loss in the US presidential election.

Biden was declared the winner of the election last weekend. Trump says fraud has taken place but has not provided any evidence so far. His team is preparing lawsuits against the outcome.

Biden stated that nothing will stop the transition to a new US administration, given his election victory. “America is back,” said the Democrat. Biden stated that he was looking forward to speaking with Trump.

“I just think it’s embarrassing, to be honest,” Biden replied when asked what he thinks about Trump’s refusal to admit defeat. “How shall I say this tactfully: I don’t think this will help the president’s legacy.”

The fact that Trump and other Republicans do not want to cooperate in the transition to a new administration under Biden is not really a problem, according to the Democrat. “The fact that they don’t want to admit we won doesn’t have much of an impact on our planning”.

He added that he saw no need to go to court in connection with the transition (apparently opposed by Trump and co). The future president said he would just keep going, no matter what the current president has to say. Among other things, Biden is still waiting for the release of government money with which he can finance the transition to a new government.

For Republicans through the federal Supreme Court to attempt to bring down Obamacare, the reformed health insurance system, Biden called “just cruel” and “it divides unnecessarily”. “This case represents the latest attempts by far-right ideologues to do what they have repeatedly done in vain,” said Biden.

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