Biggest fears in life? 10 fears that hinder a successful career

In order to empower yourself to be successful in your career, you need to let go of the fears that hold your potential back. Having worked through them, you will understand that there are no obstacles in front of you, and you will begin to move in the direction of your goals confidently. We have collected several fears that prevent you from growing and developing.

Fear of criticism

Criticism from your colleagues or your boss reduces your self-confidence, kills your initiative, and in some cases even spoils the relationship. There is not a single person who loves criticism, especially if, under the guise of help, others give unsolicited advice and express their subjective opinion.

But you should not be afraid of criticism and completely close yourself off from feedback – this way, you can miss the opportunity to work on mistakes, improve your knowledge and skills, and become more stress-resistant. You cannot build a successful career if you are afraid of other people’s comments about the work done and are not ready to change if the situation requires it.

Fear of publicity

You may be afraid to forget your words, get confused, blast some nonsense in front of an audience, not find an answer to an inappropriate question or comment. From these small fears grows one global fear – the fear of publicity.

It seems to you that the safest way to stay in your comfort zone is to ignore any events with the opportunity to show yourself, your knowledge, and your skills. Instead, you’re doing a ton of work, locking yourself up in the office, and depriving yourself of a well-deserved chance to gain attention.

Fear of failure

The fear of making a mistake and being defeated greatly hinders you both in general development and in building a career. After all, instead of focusing on introducing new skills and knowledge into your work, you try to find the safest way to complete the task.

Fear of failure robs you of self-confidence and makes you delay making important decisions until the very last moment, leaving you missing out on many great opportunities. If you do not start to perceive your mistakes as a challenge to yourself, then in the future, you are unlikely to have a successful career.

Fear of public opinion

Fear about what people will say is the main indicator of your willingness (or unwillingness) to climb the career ladder. People will always find new reasons to discuss you negatively, so you need to decide what is more important to you – your own needs, dreams, needs, or society’s desires and opinions. No, you shouldn’t become indifferent and go beyond the rules and norms – just put yourself and your aspirations first.

Fear of change

If you are sure that after moving up the career ladder, you will not have the energy and time to communicate with loved ones, hobbies, or good rest, you can slow down your promotion. No one wants to give all their internal resources to work, sacrificing the most precious.

But do not rush to conclusions – for a start, try to communicate with the person occupying the position you are interested in. Find out what he has to sacrifice for the job and what he gets in return. Perhaps everything is not as bad as your imagination draws, and the prospects that open before you in a new position overshadow all its disadvantages.

Fear of responsibility

Not every person is ready for an increase in the volume of work and the number of subordinates, as well as for additional responsibility. This is especially pronounced among those who, before promotion, did not have experience of working as a leader.

Of course, being in a leadership position is a big responsibility. But if you are truly a professional in your field, who is not afraid to make decisions and be responsible for them, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Fear of the unknown

If you are most afraid of the unknown, try to figure out in advance what you will have to face after the promotion. Find out your job responsibilities, how your salary will change, who will be in your subordination, etc.

It is difficult to overcome the fear of the unknown, but without this, you are unlikely to decide to expand your area of responsibility and continue building a career.

Fear of facing the envy of colleagues and friends

Fear of envy from colleagues and friends is another common reason why you hold back your inner potential. It seems that success is not worth losing friendship and respect from the people you have to lead.

Envy is the very feeling that will help you learn a lot of interesting things about others. It is better to take risks, displease other people, and be successful than treasure the appearance of a positive relationship, marking time in one place for years.

Fear of wasting time

You may be afraid that by investing a huge amount of time in work and building a career, for example, several years, you will not see great results. Time is the most valuable human resource, so it’s no surprise that you worry about it.

But this does not mean that you do not need to invest time in making your dreams come true and self-realization. By depriving yourself of the opportunity to move forward, improve professional skills and achieve success in your career, you become frustrated and lose motivation.

Fear of lack of talent

When everyone around you is successful in their careers by praising their innate ability, you can achieve the same by harnessing discipline and hard work. Talent without hard work is just a beautiful word.

If you want to realize yourself and become a professional in your fieldwork, develop skills, pump knowledge, make interesting and useful contacts, and, most importantly, do not give up until the last. When a talented person stops giving all 100%, his place is taken by someone still willing to work.

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