Bizarre: Photos of fearsome sea creature with wings

The scientific community pointed out that this finding could open a gap in the era of dinosuarios. One of the things that have characterized man has been his infinite curiosity. Because in matters such as prehistory there are always new things that help to understand what the planet Earth was like millions of years ago.

A discovery that left a whole country speechless happened a few days ago when Hanna Mary, a resident of Christchurch, New Zealand. Found the remains of a mysterious prehistoric sea creature that was washed by waves to Canterbury beach. According to The New Zealand Post, Hanna Mary was cleaning the beach, as some tourists had left a lot of garbage a night before.

After a few minutes, the resident of the land of the kiwi detailed that she found a ‘rare’ garbage. Because at first, she thought it was a plastic sheet stuck in a bottle. But after watching carefully, they discovered that it was something completely different than they could ever describe.

“I was picking up some bottles when I found this thing. That the truth keeps generating me many questions. I wish someone would tell me what I found on the beach.”

Wild Animals

The Chronicle pointed out that the skeleton of the sea creature had limbs full of spines. The mouth had sharp teeth. And that its body had two species of spiny wings. For fear of the unknown, Mary did not want to touch the remains of this sea creature. For fear it was poisonous, because in New Zealand and Australia most wild animals have some kind of poison.

To remove all doubts, the woman took several pictures of the sea creature. And uploaded them to her Facebook profile to see if anyone could help her understand what she had found on the beach.

After several days of viral photography. Dr. Malcolm Francis, specialist of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research of New Zealand (NIWA). Determined that the animal found by this woman was a zearaja nasuta. Also known as New Zealand rough skate (New Zealand rough skate) for being a very thorny animal.

This marine animal is found in the sea of Oceania and lives in places like Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and part of Australia. It feeds on algae and small fish. Besides it is not very common to see it on the shores of the seas and beaches. In the last three years, the inhabitants of the Oceanic continent have found various marine monsters such as giant squid. Fish that predict earthquakes and even fish that belong to the depths.

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