Black Bamboo Valley: one of the strongest weird zones on Earth

Incredible occurrences and weird happenings are seen in many unknown zones on Earth that defy scientific explanations. They have an unfriendly, even malevolent reputation among the locals. They are frequently found in difficult-to-reach locations, such as high mountains, impenetrable wilds and marshes, the middle of the desert, and so on.

However, all of these aberrant zones have one thing in common: they’re all near the planet’s energy field’s force nodes. Heizhu is one of these sites (literally translated from Chinese – The Black Bamboo Valley). This place is reputed as Chinese Bermuda.


This mountain valley may be found in the Sichuan province in southwest China. The Yin people, whose villages are close, have left numerous scary tales about this location. The locals avoid the valley.

Daredevils accompany curious visitors to the Shimen Pass (which stands as “Stone Gate”), which is soon followed by thickets of bamboo. However, outside the gate, there is no step, no promise, because it is much simpler to enter than to depart the Valley of Black Bamboo. People and animals alike vanish without a trace.

For example, in 1949, during China’s civil war, a tiny Kuomintang detachment of approximately thirty persons, who had beaten off the main troops, ventured into this strange zone, fearing communist persecution. They were never seen again.

Three Chinese People’s Army scouts followed in the footsteps of the doomed group. Only one of them emerged from the valley, and he was insane. Later, after he was brought back to his wits, the warrior said that he had fallen behind his companions and had attempted unsuccessfully to catch up with them. He couldn’t recall what had happened to him in this dreadful location.

In the Black Bamboo Valley, nearly a hundred individuals went missing in 1950. Furthermore, the aircraft crashed here for utterly inexplicable reasons, despite the fact that no technical issues were discovered and the crew did not report a distress call.

A team of military surveyors was operating near Heizhu in June 1955. Two troops were sent to the city in search of supplies and the way they followed took them through the valley. They, too, vanished without a trace. Only two firearms belonging to the missing troops were discovered after the military searched the whole region.

Black Bamboo Valley: one of the strongest weird zones on Earth

The Black Bamboo Valley ate up a whole exploratory consignment in 1962. The guide was the only one who returned to the crowd. He said that he slowed down and fell behind as the group reached the Stone Gate. Then, all of a sudden, a wall of dense fog appeared in front of him, and nothing could be seen at arm’s length.

This fog was remarkable because it caused the conductor to lose all sense of time and to hear odd noises that terrified him. He froze and was unable to move until the fog dissipated. The trip, however, was doomed to fail as if through the ground. The geologists, as well as their goods and equipment, were not discovered.

Six military surveyors were lost near the entrance to the bamboo thickets in March 1966. After some time had passed, a local hunter discovered one of the missing, barely alive and scarcely conscious. The soldier regained consciousness but was unable to describe what had occurred to him and his friends.

In 1976, a crew of foresters — individuals who had spent most of their lives in the woods and knew exactly how to negotiate the terrain — set out for the valley. Despite this, two of them vanished without a trace. Those who made it out of the woods talked of the rapidly descending fog once again.

A dense mist engulfed them, accompanied by noises that were unfamiliar to the human ear. The fog lasted roughly 20 minutes, according to the hands on the clock. It vanished after a few seconds as a result of everyone’s feelings.

When the number of people who vanished surpassed a few hundred, each excursion to the Valley of the Black Bamboo became synonymous with a trip to another realm. At one end of the road is a road. The most incredible part is that no remains of the missing persons or animals have been discovered. They were irreversibly swallowed by the valley.

Niupi’s three arrows

One tale, though, speaks of a hero who miraculously escaped from an enchanted land. Niupi and a bunch of his tribesmen went hunting in Heizhu one day.

Their water supplies were rapidly exhausted, and after three days, several of the hunters started to lose consciousness. Niupi, who was in the same predicament as his colleagues, was visited by a fairy in a dream.

“Don’t worry,” she assured him. “Your bravery will aid you in finding water.” When he awoke, he took the way that the fairy had advised. However, all he discovered was a massive stone. He pulled his longbow and shot three arrows at the stone, surprised. Three streams of pure spring water mysteriously poured out of the stone at the same time. The hunters went home with a bounty of the game after quenching their hunger.

There was nothing supernatural

Finally, the authorities were alarmed by such a large-scale disappearance of their citizenry. Furthermore, among the public, the most outlandish speculations regarding the reasons of all of these instances arose. There were stories, for example, that a big cannibal panda had settled in the valley.

In 1974, a two-meter monkey-like creature with yellowish hair on its body was supposedly sighted by farmer Ran Qianbu, who lives near Heizhu. Is Bigfoot actually there? Many individuals believe that a strange fog is concealing extraterrestrial beings intent on kidnapping humanity.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences sent many well-trained and equipped expeditions to the anomalous zone to disprove these mystical notions and soothe the populace. Even though the valley’s enchantment was defeated by science, and none of the researchers ventured into its depths, Heizhu’s mysteries remained unanswered.

An expedition headed by Yang Wyun conducted the most detailed research of the region in October 1997. There was nothing supernatural discovered. According to scientists, the occurrences in the Black Bamboo Valley were linked to a mix of natural forces. They discovered that the geological rocks of the area had a very diversified and intricate structure.

In addition, periodic emissions of toxic gases, which are produced by the decay of particular tree species, were documented. Scientists also noticed the region’s tough environment, which is characterized by rapidly shifting natural circumstances.

Furthermore, Yang Wyun said in his report on the expedition’s findings that all victims of fatal natural disasters are hidden under the Earth’s surface, which sometimes opens out. He feels that the sum total of the components revealed explains the Heizhu riddle.

Scientists’ answers are not very compelling. Assume that visitors to the valley have inhaled toxic vapors. But where are their remnants, then? The whole Heizhu would be littered with the dead of the animals and birds that reside here if there was a chemical assault. Or have they gained resistance to harmful gases over a long period of time?

Let’s also suppose that the Earth’s bowels do really open up and swallow hapless tourists. However, portions of the forest would fall along with them, leaving bald areas on the surface. In the valley, however, nothing of the kind is seen. It’s merely a matter of recognizing foreign intrigues.

Magnetic field blockade

However, there is another theory concerning what is causing the abnormalities in Black Bamboo Valley. Heizhu is the entrance to the Valley of the Pyramids, which is shrouded in secrecy by both Chinese officials and the world’s major space organizations. According to the official interpretation, these monuments are the tombs of Chinese emperors.

The pyramids, however, were built more than 5,000 years ago “by the sons of heaven, who roared down to Earth on iron dragons,” according to ancient accounts.

An obvious link has been established between the Chinese pyramids and the Egyptian and Central American pyramids. These buildings, most likely erected by a highly evolved space civilization in the distant past, were likely stations positioned on the Earth’s energy field’s power nodes.

Perhaps within the pyramids were extraordinary gadgets that permitted communication not just between various sites on our globe, but also across realms and dimensions.

A powerful magnetic field was recently detected in the Black Bamboo Valley. A comparable area may be found in another Chinese “Valley of Death” in Jilin Province’s Changbai Mountains, where people inexplicably vanish and aircraft crash. The compass needle starts to spin out of control at this location, and individuals experience odd hallucinations, losing their sense of direction and orientation in space and time.

Isn’t this unexplained barrier with the greatest magnetic field a deterrent to outsiders, preventing them from reaching the Valley of the Pyramids? Perhaps this location still belongs to a highly evolved civilization in command of earthly affairs?

It prevents us from comprehending and deciphering the intricate energy network formed millions of years ago, which is likely still operating on a cosmic scale now. We are not yet technically or, more importantly, ethically prepared for this.

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