Boy (13) hides 6 children in scrub and walks more than 20 km to get help after his family is butchered before his eyes

A thirteen-year-old boy who remained unharmed in a ruthless attack on his family in Mexico is praised for his heroism. The brave teenager hid his surviving brothers and sisters in the thicket and covered them with branches and leaves before stepping more than twenty kilometers into dangerous mountainous areas in search of help. Meanwhile, the Mexican police have arrested a suspect in connection with the murder of nine people from the American Mormon community.

Family member Kendra Lee Miller posted a story of the terrible facts – in which three women and six children, including two babies perished – on Facebook. In it, she described how 13-year-old Devin Blake Langford brought his six (injured) brothers and sisters to safety by hiding them in the bushes after the attack and covering them with branches.

He then embarked on a long walk of more than twenty kilometers in search of help for the injured victims. The boy stepped for six hours before arriving at his relatives in their community, LaMora, in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

Devin was one of 14 children and three mothers who were attacked and shot down near the American border on Monday. The three mothers – Christina Langford, Rhonita Miller, and Dawna Langford – each drove an SUV.

Devin was inside his – mother – Dawna’s car when their vehicle was attacked. Dawna (43) and two sons – Devin’s two younger brothers, Trevor (11), and Rogan (2) – died in the bullet rain. After the murder, Devin immediately took action. He hid six children in the thicket before getting help.

Boy (13) hides 6 children in scrub and walks more than 20 km to get help after his family is butchered before his eyes
©AFP – A burnt-out the car after the attack.

While Kylie (14), McKenzie (9), Cody (8), Jake (6), Xander (4) and Brixon (barely 9 months) waited for Devin, he bravely made his way through the mountainous area. It took the boy six hours to reach his community. Meanwhile, little McKenzie had also left the undergrowth in search of help.

Once he arrived at the Mormon community, he informed his relatives about the terrible attack. “The boy’s uncles grabbed their weapons and set out to save the (injured) children,” said Kendra. “But they did not get far because they realized that they would risk their lives because shots were being heard for hours in the neighborhood.” The men’s group finally waited for reinforcement, after which the hidden children were found. Only McKenzie was still missing. But two hours later she was also found.

Christina’s car was near the SUV of Dawna when they were attacked. The 31-year-old mother died in a bullet rain when she jumped out of the vehicle in a desperate attempt to stop the attackers. Christina’s baby daughter Faith survived as if by a miracle.

©AFP – Family members mourn the burned-out car after the attack.

The Rhonita wagon was discovered 16 km away. The 30-year-old mother and her children – Howard (12), Krystal (10) and twins Titus and Tiana (8 months) – all died during the raid when their car caught fire.

Donald Trump called the attackers “monsters” in a tweet. He stated that his country was willing to assist the Mexican authorities in solving the murder case. The Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for his part, said he would contact the US president to discuss security cooperation as a result of this massacre.

©AFP – Family members mourn after the massacre

Organized crime

Organized crime is probably behind the massacre. The victims belong to the Mormons, which is a stream of strict Christians. In the end, eight people survived the attack.

In the meantime, the Mexican police have arrested a person. At the time of the arrest, the suspect detained two people who had been crushed. It is unclear whether they are also Mormons.

Julian LeBaron, an anti-crime activist who is related to several victims, previously spoke of a massacre. He founded the anti-crime organization ‘SOS Chihuahua’ in 2009. His brother Benjamin was also murdered in the same year. Whether Monday’s attack has anything to do with that is unclear.

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