Breakups: Deji allegedly set fire on his ex’s house, kill 5 people

Breakups can sometimes be disastrous. While some get sad, others simply decide to attack their ex-partner and even commit the irreparable. This was reportedly done by Deji Adenuga, a resident of Igbodigo City, Ondo State, Nigeria.

He was reported by his girlfriend to have set fire to her house and killed five members of her family. Indeed, Adenuga was recently tangled with a girl named Titi. But a few days later, she ended the relationship, which clearly did not please Deji.

In retaliation, the suspect allegedly set fire to the house where the family was living, killing five people while three others were treated at the hospital.

“What happened today (Tuesday) was shocking. The man (Deji Adenuga) almost wiped out a family early this morning,” said one of the people interviewed.

Set fire

“He was angry because the girl (Titi) he was dating said she was no longer interested in the relationship. Wanting revenge for the girl, he poured gasoline into the room where all the members of her family were sleeping and set them on fire. In fact, he missed his target because the girl was not in the room when he set the room on fire,” she adds.

The suspect is believed to be on the run, but Ondo State Command police public relations officer, Mr. Femi Joseph, said the police had opened an investigation. “He told us he suspected one Deji Adenuga but that he ran away from town after perpetrating the evil act. The investigation has already commenced. Our officers visited the scene and evacuated the corpses. So, I can assure you that our officers are already on the trail of the suspect, and in no distant time we shall apprehend him,” said Joseph.

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