Britney Spears shows painful moment when she breaks foot

Earlier this month, Sam Asghari, Britney Spears’ boyfriend, reported that the pop singer was in the hospital after she broke her foot while dancing. That moment is also on video, as the 38-year-old singer recently shared the footage on Instagram.

“I haven’t danced in six months, so I was full throttle at this spot and yes …. I know I’m barefoot …. don’t laugh, but I grip the floor better that way,” writes Britney. By the way, “you can hear where I broke my foot here. Sorry, it’s kind of loud.”

Warning: the images are not really suitable for sensitive stomachs, because you can see and hear Spears’ foot breaking. We don’t know how long Britney will have to recover from the accident.

Britney Spears shows painful moment when she breaks foot

Sam is hoping his girlfriend will be back to her old self soon. “My lioness broke her metatarsal while she was dancing, her favorite pastime. I hope she’ll be old soon and jump, run and dance like the best!”

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