Bullies call him “alien”, father calls him “devil spawn” and orders to kill him

To be deformed is a journey, but to be distorted and no one to show love is harder! What is more than the stigmatization and discrimination against people of deformity? How I wish that bullies will understand the painful aspect of it. A Rwandan father called his child a “devil spawn” and tells his wife to terminate him. On the other hand, the bullies called him an “Alien”.

A Rwandan woman named Bajeneza Liberata, who lives in Rwanda, gave birth to a baby with a malformed head. She was abandoned by her husband who asked her to “send him back to hell where she got him”.

The couple shared love till she gave birth to this extraordinary child who his father and others have described as a monster and “alien”.

Bajeneza Liberata and her child
Bajeneza Liberata and her child. ©YouTube/afrimax

The father made it clear to his wife that she could kill their deformed baby boy because he was “begotten of the devil”. Her husband and family abandoned Bajeneza Liberata after giving birth to the deformed baby.

Before leaving her, her husband insisted that he had no responsibility for the child and called her the “devil spawn”, leaving the mother taken aback as she struggled to take care of herself and her child, alongside her other children.

Bajeneza told Afrimax English that she has given birth to several other children and never encountered such a case. During the pregnancy, there was no problem, so she stayed at home until the day of delivery, and her husband took her to the hospital to give birth.

However, just like her husband, the doctors were surprised to discover Bajeneza Liberata’s baby deformity.

Since she couldn’t keep up with city life after being abandoned by her husband, a Good Samaritan finally offered to bring Bajeneza and her baby back to the village. Since her return to the village, other villagers torment her, make fun of the baby and call him a monster and an “alien”.

Bullies call him "alien", father calls him Devil spawn and order to be killed

Bajeneza finds it challenging to take care of herself and her son, who is in great pain. She said, “she didn’t even know what her child was suffering from”.

Her husband and other people have advised her to kill the child, but she just can’t do it because no matter how weird the baby looks, she gave birth to it and can’t kill it. She is still agitated because the child is still crying, and she has no idea what is wrong.

The Youtuber, who made a documentary about Bajeneza Liberata and her baby, opened a GoFundMe account to raise funds and help seek medical treatment for the child.

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