“Cannabis vs. Alcohol”: Gascoigne challenges Snoop Dogg for boxing

After an Instagram post from Snoop Dogg in which the rapper highlighted the excessive use of alcohol by the former Tottenham star, Paul Gascoigne now takes up the challenge. And you can take that literally…

Young, Wild & Free. That number of Snoop Dogg is, to say the least, applicable to the lifestyle of both men. In a post on Instagram, the rapper compared which of them looked better: Gazza, after 20 years in the bottle or himself, after 20 years of using cannabis. Especially judge for yourself…

Gascoigne was not set up with this and hit back by posting a photo on Instagram of a dog that looks a bit like the rapper.

Monday morning Gascoigne entered the British TV show ‘This Morning’ and returned to the remarkable riot: “When I saw that post I thought ‘why me’? That was six years ago and when I came out of treatment, I had a good time for everyone. Moreover, I am a fan of his music. I really couldn’t believe it.” Then the ex-international came up with a remarkable proposal. “I challenge him to a boxing match. Cannabis versus alcohol. I’ll show him something!”

Snoop Dogg has not yet responded to the call-out of the former star player, but who would you put your money on?

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