Catchy drawing of giant koala: honors billions of animals died during forest fires

An artist from the Australian state of Victoria has made an impressive drawing of a koala in the sand. With this catchy image, the artist wants to commemorate the millions of animals that have not survived the devastating forest fires.

The artwork, which was drawn on the beach of Geelong, shows a koala that clings to a burning tree.

On his Instagram page, the artist ‘Breathe a Blue Ocean’ explains that he made the drawing to make people aware of the significant loss of fauna and flora caused by forest fires.

‘We could smell the smoke from the forest fires and sometimes didn’t even see the sun at all,’ he explained on Instagram. Many beaches are closed, some species are threatened with extinction, the message sound.

The catchy work of art knows how to move a lot of people worldwide.

Experts estimate that more than a billion animals died in the forest fires, including tens of thousands of koalas.

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