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5 pyramids with no connection to ancient Egypt

The pyramids of Egypt are historic buildings made of stone and mortar that may be found throughout Egypt. But not…

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Mysterious stairs tucked away in the woods

There are lonely stone stairs existing alone in woods or national parks in different nations. They are all linked by…

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What makes Ethiopia unique? 6 rare things from Ethiopia

The majority of the Horn of Africa is included inside Ethiopia’s borders. But it is just one of its many…

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10 mythical locations whose existence is unknown

For a long time, historians have been attempting to figure out if Atlantis ever existed, who knows, but for now,…

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Top 5 cases of blasphemy that lead to beheading in Nigeria

In Northern Nigeria, blasphemy is mainly related to the Islamic religion because Muslims are the predominant religions there

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Top 5 amazing and powerful ancient empire in Africa

Not familiar to most people, hundreds of small kingdoms have emerged throughout African history, and some have eventually become powerful…

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5 conspiracy theories about sponsors of Boko Haram in Nigeria

Boko Haram has been wreaking havoc in Nigeria for many years. Still, there are several conspiracy theories about the sponsors…

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Top 5 foods that can make you sick or kill you

Food can sometimes seem harmless, but there are dangers in it. The truth is, not everything can be eaten without…

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5 unfamous stories on how slavery ended

On 25 March 1807, the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act entered into force. However, although the law prohibited the…

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5 people that marry a tree

Tree marriage is a type of symbolic marriage between a man/woman and a tree, which is said to be filled…

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5 reasons why a woman mercilessly ditch you out

Why does she mercilessly ditch me out? These tips ring for those who are in a relationship and those who…

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Top 5 tips on how to make her miss you psychologically

It is human nature to feel desired, essential, and, of course, missed, especially females. As a guy, how could you…

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