Chief asks sorcerers to use their “powers” to develop community

Odeefo Akyin VIII, supreme leader of the traditional region of Ekumfi in Ghana, urged the sorcerers of Srafa, a popular fishing community in the central region, to use their spiritual powers to ensure the development of the community rather than its destruction.

He said that the region would need the support of people who claim to have spiritual power to fully support the newly installed head of the region in fulfilling his mandate.

The supreme leader made this known when the new leader of Srafa was crowned after his seat had been vacant for nearly 38 years. He stressed the need for the people of Srafa to help their new leader to develop the region.

“Even if you are a witch or have any power, use it to help the leader transform the srafa community,” the traditional leader told residents.

He described the achievements of the traditional Ekumfi Council in resolving almost all outstanding chieftaincy disputes in the region.

Odeefo Akyin VIII, who settled 34 out of 37 chiefs, invited the people of Ekumfi to pray for him to enable him to resolve the remaining three problems.

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