CHINA: The difficult of “sheng nu”, these single women rejected by society

Chinese society is strongly rooted in tradition and remains very conservative despite external influences. Social institutions such as marriage are carried by sacrosanct principles whose transgression gives rise to stigmatization or even marginalization.

It is customary in China to get married very early before reaching the age of 30 and to found a family despite the “1 couple, 1 child” policy. This societal requirement is more pronounced for women who face strong family pressures when they are single up to 30 years of age.

They are called “sheng nu” literally means “women that nobody wants” because of their celibacy. The “sheng nu” face depression daily because of being a “shame” in the eyes of society.

To find a husband for their daughters, parents do not hesitate to go to singles fairs where they find several other parents looking for a wife or a husband for their children. Beyond the exchange of Curriculum Vitae (CV), these are real discussions that are maintained between parents to agree on a future marriage.

As a reminder, according to a survey dating from 2010, China recorded at the time more than 187 million men and single women. And still according to the same poll 9 out of 10 men surveyed believe that a woman should normally get married before her 27th birthday.

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