Chinese admit: death toll in Wuhan suddenly 50% higher

The coronavirus killed 3,869 people in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the epidemic first appeared. That is suddenly 1,290, or 50 percent, more than what the authorities in Wuhan have communicated in recent weeks. Report the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

In a press release distributed on social media, the city explains that at the peak of the epidemic, some patients died at home because they could not be hospitalized. So they were not counted in the official statistics, which only took into account who died in a hospital.

Also, reports were only passed on much later or were incomplete because medical workers and institutions were overwhelmed by the epidemic.

These new figures bring the total number of deaths in China to 4,632.

More question marks

The number of infections was also adjusted, but with only 325 additional infections, to 50,333. Across China, this involves well over 85,000 infections.

Beijing says that it has mostly curbed the epidemic, but outside are increasingly questioned about the official version that Beijing is spreading.

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