Chinese schools want to get rid of truants with tracking software

Several schools in the Chinese province of Guizhou oblige their pupils to wear ‘smart uniforms’. Both in the jacket and in the pants, there is a chip, so that the board members can accurately trace where the students are. That writes ‘The Global Times’. In this way, the Chinese schools hope to prevent pupils from truant.

Truffle students from ten Chinese schools in Guizhou province will probably think twice if they try to escape. The board members of these schools had a uniform with a tracking system. On the basis of two chips in the uniform one can keep an eye on when a pupil enters and leaves the school. This information is forwarded both to the parents of the pupils and to the teachers.

“Easy, I just wear a different uniform”, think smart truants might. But the schools have also found something on this. By means of face recognition at the school gate it is checked whether the pupils wear the right uniform, so says ‘The Verge’. If students make an attempt to leave the school early without permission, an alarm goes off. Lin Zongwu, one of the board members, indicates that the pupils are not followed after school.

Remarkable: the uniform has another special function. Sleeping during the lesson seems to be a thing of the past. After all, with the chips you can immediately detect whether a student is messing around. It sounds like a scenario of a science fiction film, but for these Chinese students, it is reality.

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