Choosing between two jobs: the 3 questions to ask

It is not every day that you have the opportunity to choose between two jobs. Nowadays, with the economic and employment crisis, it is quite a difficult condition. But if you are lucky enough to choose, how do you find your way to the right job? Here are the 3 questions to ask yourself.

It is said that nothing is more complicated than choosing which path to take when you are at a crossroads. This is true when you don’t have the right tools to make the right choice. In a moment of crisis like the one we are going through, having a job is increasingly precious, not to mention those who are looking for a job at this historic moment.

However, it can happen that in the course of life, the wheel turns in favor, bringing with it not just one job offer but two. In this case, what to do not make a mistake and choose the most suitable job position? The 3 questions to ask yourself and to answer will direct you to the right choice.

Choosing between two jobs: the 3 questions to ask

Changing jobs or choosing between two types of jobs is a decision that involves a moment of reflection and a certain amount of courage. You have been offered two good career opportunities, both with their pros and cons. Since you have received the offers, you have gone through everything in great detail, and yet, you are still there wondering which is the right choice for you.

Meanwhile, time passes, and every hour, the day passes, the decision seems more and more confused, and doubts crowd your mind. But the choice must be made and quickly, as, with all the competition around, you risk missing out on both opportunities that have been offered to you. What to do? Give a simple answer to these 3 questions that will guide you towards the right choice.

Ask yourself: Which company has a better brand image

The first question to ask does not concern the economic remuneration but the brand that the company carries with it because choosing a company with a positive image will reflect your vision, your value.

Therefore, it will reflect on you. This is the first question that will lead you to ask yourself if you want to have a great career in the future or an exceptional job. Working for a strong brand will consequently give

you significant added value to your resume and personal branding.

Ask yourself: What is the real added value of the two works?

Does the job offer both have an interesting economic level to offer you? Well, in this case, think about your goals and where you want to go in the future.

Beyond the brand image, as we have seen above, the solution is to consider your long-term plans. If you have projections for the professional future, one of the two opportunities will be more oriented towards the working horizon. You want to browse. Your choice will be the one that will answer this question.

A valuable company will always try to invest in you as a professional and make your skills more and more performing. Like? Offering you high-value training courses and the opportunity to attend industry events, webinars. This will undoubtedly be the added value to be preferred over repetitive work and an end in itself.

Ask yourself: What feelings did I have after the interview?

One of the fundamental questions that are often underestimated and not given the right weight concerns the emotional part: what did you feel after the interview with the recruiters?

In this case, instinct is a trusted friend; it is never wrong. If you have had a bad impression, even if the economic proposal has been satisfactory, it is right to stop for a moment and evaluate the people with whom, if you accept that job, you will have to deal with it every day.

All other requirements being equal, in evaluating which of the two work proposals will be the optimal one, oriented towards the work environment which, albeit for a short time, has given you greater serenity.

Also evaluate the boss’s attitude towards you and, last but not least, their own: the empathy of the colleagues with whom you will have to compare yourself if you accept that job position.

Once you have analyzed and answered the 3 questions, choosing which professional offer is the right one for you will certainly be clearer and more decisive.

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