Job interview ahead? Recruiters hate these failures

Just graduated and looking for a job? Or are you ready for something else, and do you finally want to land that dream job? Recruiters hate these failures.

Then you have probably noticed that you have a lot of competition in these corona times. The last thing you want to do is screw up on recruiters yourself.

Below list is the real don’t’s for you when it comes to applying for jobs.

Not preparing properly

Can’t come up with an answer to even the most classic interview questions? Or do you really know nothing to say about the company you are applying for? Then you can be sure that recruiters no longer consider you a candidate. By preparing well, you not only show interest in the job, but it is also just an elementary form of politeness.

If you don’t want to take the time to prepare for an interview, why should recruiters spend time on your application? So prepare yourself well, inform yourself about the company in question, and try to learn as much as possible about your conversation partner.

Lying on your resume

Applying is about selling yourself. It is, therefore, logical that you highlight your qualities as well as possible. But don’t get caught. Really lying on your resume or during your job interview is absolutely out of the question. After all, the chance that you will be caught in your lie is not non-existent.

If you lied about your experience, it would soon become apparent that something is not right when performing the job. If you lied about the number of years that you worked somewhere, that lie could easily be shattered.

The world is small, especially if you continue to work in the same sector. By lying, you run the risk that your reputation will be damaged and that your new employer

will no longer trust you. In that case, dismissal is undoubtedly not an unthinkable scenario.

Inappropriate posts on your social media

Be careful with what you post on social media. This applies in general, but especially if you are looking for a job. It is not enough to only profile yourself professionally on LinkedIn. Make sure that people cannot find anything inappropriate on your other social media.

Putting bikini photos or unflattering snapshots of a drunken evening publicly visible is, therefore, not a good idea. Racist or sexist messages are even worse. The chance that you will be invited to an interview with such a profile is almost nil.

Dressing too casual or just too dressy

How you present yourself during the interview can be decisive. If it concerns a managerial position in a business environment, then dress accordingly. If not, it will appear as if you are not taking the job seriously.

However, too chic is not good either. Indeed, at a young, creative company you can come across as very old-fashioned that way. Not sure what to wear? Take a look at the overall style of the company’s website or social media channels. Often it also contains photos of employees.

Do not ask questions of the recruiter

You can be sure that a recruiter will check with you at the end of the interview if you have any questions. Always prepare one or more questions.

After all, anyone who does not ask questions seems uninterested. It is even better to respond to what the recruiter is saying during the interview and ask questions at that moment.

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