Coleen Rooney takes off wedding ring, insists shameless Wayne return home

According to British media, it is storming within the marriage of Wayne Rooney (33). After photos appeared to show that the footballer commits adultery, his wife Coleen Rooney (33) would have taken off her wedding ring and demand that her husband, who is currently playing in America, immediately tear his football contract and book a plane ticket back home.

Wayne Rooney has long known as a casanova. He has been haunted for years by all kinds of adultery rumours, but this time, photos of him and his supposed adventure also popped up. The British newspaper The Sun has pictures in which a drunk Wayne with a ravishing brunette by his side walks into a hotel in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

The images in question were supposed to have taken around 5:30 on Sunday morning. Wayne had a wild night with friends that evening: the group went to different discos and went to the friend’s jacuzzi. Rooney, allegedly very drunk, would have ended his seven-hour pub crawl with an affair at the Hyatt Regency hotel, where he was staying. “Wayne was joking with that lady. They waited a moment for the elevator to come and stepped into it together,” says an eyewitness to The Sun, who admits that it was an attractive woman with tattoos on her arm.

Painful given

What makes adultery extra painful is that wife Coleen Rooney was visiting their family in the United Kingdom with their four children. Coleen would be furious about the surfaced photos of her husband, with all the consequences that entail. “Coleen really exploded,” it sounds. “She can’t understand that Wayne is that stupid. Coleen knew he was out that night. Wayne had told her the next day that he missed her. But, of course, he didn’t say a word about the one woman he put his arms around in the nightclub, and certainly not about the other woman he went back to his hotel with.”

Coleen would have immediately demanded him: “She ordered him to tear up his football contract and immediately return to the United Kingdom.” Even if Wayne had to pay a hefty fine for breaking his contract, Coleen would want that he meets her demands.


In the meantime, it’s also striking that Coleen Rooney took off her wedding ring. She was spotted shopping yesterday – barely a few hours after the alleged adultery – and looked visibly depressed. A few days earlier, the footballer’s wife still had her wedding ring, worth more than $244,568, on her finger. Whether or not their marriage will survive this crisis will undoubtedly depend on the future.

Coleen Rooney takes off wedding ring, insists shameless Wayne return home
©REUTERS – Wayne and Coleen Rooney

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