Company sanctions employees using toilet more than once a day

Judging its employees to be “lazy”, a Chinese company has limited their visits to the toilet to impose fines on offenders one a day.

Anpu Electric Science and Technology, based in Dongguan, southern China, has ordered its employees to go to the toilet only once a day, reports the South China Morning Post.

According to its information, at the end of December, the company sanctioned seven employees for having used the facilities on several occasions. The latter then explained on social networks that their management had considered that they had violated the regulations of the company.

When contacted by local media, one of Anpu Electric Science and Technology’s managers said that the offending employees, who were “lazy at work”, were taking advantage of their bathroom breaks to smoke.

However, the Dongguan city council declared the company’s regulation illegal and asked it to reimburse the employees who had been fined 20 yuan for the days of 20 and 21 December.

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