Corona time: This ‘hugging curtain’ allows love ones to hug again

The hugging curtain! One of the measures to control the spread of COVID-19 is to keep a distance of one and a half meters.

In some countries around the globe, Grandparents have been unable to take their children in their arms for two months talkmore of cuddling. There is a breakthrough: Hugging curtain.

Hugging Curtain.
©Fox News – Cuddle Curtain.

A family from the US state of Massachusetts found a solution to overcome the spreading of covid-19 by creating a plastic cuddle curtain.

The Hugging curtain consists of a plastic cloth with four holes cut in it. Plastic sleeves are attached to those holes with tape.

The creative is hung with clothespins. The two huggers then stand on one side of the curtain and put their arms through the holes. This way, they can still securely hug each other.

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