Coronavirus suspect case quarantined in Kenya

In Kenya, health officials said they are monitoring the first suspected case of coronavirus that has killed more than 100 people in China, with more than 4,500 confirmed cases.

The suspected case is a Kenyan who was studying in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in China. According to the Minister of Health, Sicily Kariuki, the student arrived in Kenya from Wuhan, via Guangzhou in China and Bangkok in Thailand.

Upon arrival at Nairobi Airport, the patient had a high fever and was transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital, where he remains isolated.

Coronavirus suspect case quarantined in Kenya
Suspected cases in Wuhan

He is undergoing examinations, and according to health authorities, the results will be known this Wednesday. The Kenyan health ministry said it had received a list of passengers who were on the same Kenya Airways flight.

The airline was asked to contact all passengers to ask them to report to health centers for screening.

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