Couples who talk in ‘we-form’ are happier

There are those people who seem to merge into one person when they have a loved one. “We love Stranger Things” or “We pay attention to our line”. We, we, we. Before you start rolling with your eyes, it is good to know that this sticky habit is not so bad. At least, that is what American scientists claim.

The University of California – Riverside study has shown that couples who regularly put the words ‘we’ and ‘us’ in the mouth are happier. To reach this conclusion, the researchers analysed 30 different studies. This way they could take a look at data from 5,000 people.

In concrete terms, it emerged that couples who consider themselves as one team also feel happier. Striking: hearing that your partner uses the word ‘we’ has a greater effect than saying it yourself.

The only question we ask ourselves: does it make us identify as ‘we’ couples really happier, or do happy lovebirds simply tend to describe themselves as ‘us’? “There is a good chance that it is an interaction,” says lead author Megan Robbins.

“When you or your partner takes these words in your mouth, it can lead you to start working less as an individual. Depending on each other, your relationship will benefit. On the other hand, it may well be the case that a healthy dependent attitude causes you to speak more in the ‘we-form’.”

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