Craig ‘The Hulk’ from Las Vegas, muscle bundle worked up from 68 to 159Kg

Craig Golias “the hulk” is a huge bodybuilder from Las Vegas who is constantly pushing the boundaries of his body with one goal: to become “huge”. The man of 1m90 went in ten years from a delicate 68kg – “I was a toothpick” – to a muscle mass of a sloppy 159kg. A lot of training, a lot of food, and he is not dirty about steroids either.

Golias is aptly called ‘the hulk’ after the cartoon character of Marvel Comics, a superhero who turns green in time and bursts out of his seams. The latter is not strange to 36-year-old Golias – originally from Ohio, but living in Vegas -: he has emerged as one of the most impressive bodies in the global bodybuilders’ guild. As a result, he has a hard time with ordinary things like tying shoelaces, going up the stairs and even taking a shower.

He said, he became “obsessed” with his body and became addicted to training. “You always want more,” says Golias, who can unpack with circumferences of 61 cm. He trains five to six times a week, 1.5 to 2 hours a day. He also needs five protein-rich meals a day: often red meat, chicken, and complex carbohydrates.

He further believes that “there is nothing wrong with steroids, taking into account your age and if you use it for the right purposes”. As an online coach, he always advises young people to “first grow natural muscle mass”.

For Craig Golias, 2019 has been a great farming year so far. He wants to build on that in the future. Among other things on Instagram, the Hulk from Las Vegas is a phenomenon with more than 418,000 followers.
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