Culkin confirms: “Michael had an alarm in his bedroom”

Former child star Macaulay Culkin (38) confirms that Michael Jackson had an alarm system in his room that went off when someone approached. In the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’, James Safechuck states that Michael used that system to hide his child abuse.

Culkin still insists that nothing inappropriate happened between him and the pop star, but confirms that specific story.

Culkin was friends with Jackson for years. They met when they were 11 and 30 years old, respectively. Michael was a welcome friend to Culkin because his peers either did not understand what it was like to be famous or were just after media attention. “Michael understood that perfectly,” says the actor about that today.

“He had experienced exactly the same in his youth and had no real friends as an adult. Our friendship felt very normal to me. I know the rest of the world saw it differently, but I can only say how I felt about it.”

Culkin confirms: " Michael had an alarm in his bedroom"
September 1991, Macaulay Culkin (center) with Michael Jackson (left) and another young dancer on the set of ‘Black and White’.


“Michael has never tried inappropriate things with me,” he insists, having defended Jackson for years, including during the lawsuits that were pending against him.

Yet he admits that Jackson had a strange alarm system in his room. He also stated that at the trial of Michael in 2005, where he was a key witness. “When someone approached the bedroom, you heard ‘ding-dong’ … A kind of passage had been made that had an alarm.”


Culkin himself said he slept “up to ten times” with Jackson in the same bed. Once he turned fourteen, he didn’t visit Jackson very often. That is the same age at which Safechuck and Wade Robson, who accuse Michael of sexual abuse, no longer had contact with Jackson. Culkin visited a few times in Neverland at the age of seventeen. “But then I slept in a separate room because I needed more privacy.”

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