Michael Jackson accused of pedophilia: Janet speaks!

It’s been ten years since Michael Jackson passed from life to death. If his name remains on the lips, it is not necessarily for his success in the musical universe. But it’s also because of accusations about his sexual escapades.

Since the release of the documentary “Leaving Neverland,” the accusations of pedophilia against Michael Jackson are expanding strongly to the point where many members of his family feel very affected. After the media release of his daughter Paris Jackson, comes to his sister Janet to defend Michael Jackson’s pedophilia accusations.

For Janet Jackson, who has always separated private life and public life, she does not intend to speak on this subject. And the pressures will not change anything. Today, even young Paris Jackson “believes that the silence of his aunt Janet speaks volumes. But Janet does not want to go there.” Worse, the one who sang “Scream” duet with Michael “does not know what really happened and considers that it is not her competence to judge anything.”

Michael Jackson accused of pedophilia: Janet speaks!

On the side of other members of the family, it is a question of publicizing lies about the deceased King of Pop. Paris Jackson, his brothers Jermaine and Tito, as well as his nephews TJ, Taj and Taryll believe that the King of Pop has nothing to do with it.

“In recent weeks, members of the Jackson family have been discussing the documentary for a long time and the impact it could have on the singer’s legacy,” said a source close to the Jackson clan quoted by The Sun newspaper. “Everyone wanted Janet to release a statement condemning the documentary because she is the most recognized artist in the family after Michael,” the source added.

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