Democratic presidential candidate buys domain name from Trumps slogan

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer has given US President Donald Trump a cookie of his own. The billionaire has purchased the domain name from Trump’s slogan for his re-election campaign: Keep America Great.

On the website, it is written in cow letters: Trump is a fraud and a failure. Visitors can also click on a link where they can buy a bumper sticker with that text.

“Trump’s campaign is proud of collecting websites from political opponents, but they forgot to get the URL for their distinctive re-election slogan,” said Steyer’s campaign. Trump is indeed not unfamiliar with buying domain names from the slogans of political opponents.

His campaign, for example, bought in October after his Democratic rival Joe Biden created the slogan Todos Con Biden (all with Biden). “Oops, Joe has forgotten the Latinos,” it says on that site.

In 2015, the Trump campaign purchased the website, which at the time was a significant challenger to Trump among the Republicans.

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