Discover the Sindhu, the mango without kernel!

After the watermelon that has no nucleus, follow by the mango without nucleus. Mango, the tropical fruit that is most consumed after banana, is renowned for its juicy flesh, a source of fibre and vitamins. It contains antioxidants and has an anticancer potential.

In India, researchers have created a new variety of mangoes without seed. This will be the delight of lovers of mangoes but also lazy that will no longer have to cut the mango on the side to avoid the core.

A mango at the crossroads
The coreless mango has been named Sindhu and comes from the crossing of two varieties of mangoes. Researchers from the Horticulture Department of the Bihar Agricultural University developed it in north-east India.

The initiator of the project, VB Patel, was very patient. He waited 3 years before the mango tree gave fruit. The wait has been long but has borne fruit as India is the world’s largest producer of mango with more than 16 million tons.

A variety that also makes producers happy. The development of this variety does not only help consumers, but also local producers. Indeed, the core has 20% of the weight of the mango. In addition, cutting a mango can be complicated for some.

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