DJ Khaled urgently needs a haircut: “I’m get my barber a spacesuit”

Now that the barbershops remain closed for the time being, the search is for creative solutions for game and outgrowth. Celebrities don’t escape it either. American DJ Khaled (44) is even getting pretty desperate, he said on Instagram.

DJ Khaled is known for his sleek beard and hairline, but he doesn’t look like it anymore these days. On Instagram, he shared a photo before the lockdown, and one after, and the differences are still remarkable.

Gone is the tight hairline; instead, we see gray hair, a tousled head of hair, and a very wild beard. The 44-year-old DJ suddenly looks a lot older, and he realizes that too.

“They don’t want me to get a haircut, smh! He wrote indignantly at the photos. But “I will get the haircut I will figure it out soon lol.”

And Khaled immediately had an original idea: “I’m get my Barbour a space suit stay tuned! I need my beard oil,” he added with a laugh.

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