‘Dobby’ on security camera: “Child on slippers with underpants on the head”

A short video from a security camera has been going viral since Friday. The images show a walking creature from behind, that also does a little dance on a driveway in Colorado. The small stature, skinny legs, and large ears remind many of Dobby, the famous and much-loved house elf from Harry Potter.

Someone posted the video on Twitter, found on Facebook, on Friday evening. The video keeps popping up and has been viewed more than 30.6 million times on Twitter.

It was Vivian Gomez from Colorado who posted the original images on Facebook on June 6. She wrote: “I woke up on Sunday morning and saw this on my camera images. First I saw the shadow of my front door walk away and then I saw this thing. Does anyone else have this on camera? My other two cameras did not pick this up for some reason.” More than 13 million Facebookers clicked on the video.

Gomez claims she did not alter the footage, saying it was not Photoshopped and “no trick photography.”

When asked why the video cuts off abruptly, leaving people questioning where the creature went, Gomez responded, “I don’t know. The video stopped when it was in the driveway.”

'Dobby' on security camera: “Child on slippers with underpants on the head”
The bizarre being on the video images.

Gomez lives across an empty field near a high school.

“If it is real it looks like it’s a child! I would be more concerned a small child is in danger than a ghost,” Cockow posted, urging Gomez to contact police.

According to experts, the images would not have been tampered with, which the camera automatically stops after ten seconds. Someone suggested, based on the shadows, that it was a puppet of strings.

Others thought of a child on slippers with underpants or shorts on the head so that the creature seems to have large ears. Inside Edition, Vivian Gomez asked if it could not be her nine-year-old son Bobby, who was dancing in the driveway. “I don’t like it alone in the dark,” it was not immediately clear. “He likes jokes,” she added.

Not Dobby, but Bobby then?

Dobby on security camera: “Child on slippers with underpants on the head”
©Warner bros. – Dobby from the Harry Potter films.

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