Dog waits in line in front of the supermarket on behalf of his owner

A photo of a dog standing in line in front of the supermarket goes around the world. The animal from the Peruvian city of Machu Picchu Pueblo, near the world-famous ruin city, took the place of its owner and kept a good half meter away.

According to a local news site, the dog had no problem adhering to the social distancing created by the coronavirus.

When the photo was taken, it was too busy in the supermarket, so customers had to wait in line outside to get in. The circles on the sidewalk must ensure that everyone is a meter and a half away. The four-legged friend also obediently sat in his circle.

Since the dog’s owner, Shirley Vergara, posted the photo on Facebook about two weeks ago, the picture has been shared en masse.

Dog waits in line in front of the supermarket on behalf of his owner
©Shirley Vergara – The photo of the dog at a Peruvian supermarket went viral on social media.

In the comments below the message, there is plenty of praise for the good animal. Many people think that we should take an example from him. “The dog is obedient to the rules, while we ignore them en masse,” is one of the reactions.

In Peru, 7,056 people have died from coronavirus so far. The borders have been closed since March 16 and for a long time, people were only allowed to go outside for groceries. The shopping centers have also reopened since Monday.

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