“Don’t judge my client based on his tattoos”

A man on trial for a double homicide in the U.S. State of Louisiana may not face a fair trial, fears his lawyer. The face of William Bottoms Jr. is full of tattoos, and that’s a real pain for the 20s.

The tattoos of Bottoms (29) include devil horns and skeletons. The man is suspecting of shooting two men in June 2017. The prosecutor and the defense of Bottoms have been in charge of the jury selection since Monday.

“The tattoos pop right in the eye when you look at my client, don’t judge him for that,” said the murder suspect’s lawyer, addressed fourteen jury members. The prosecution didn’t say a word about the permanent facial decorations.

According to the American legal process, the prosecutor and defense are allowed to interview the jury members intensively and thus select or exclude them from the jury that has to judge the guilt question.

According to the local newspaper The Advocate, a majority of candidate jury members indicated that they had no problems with tattoos. A woman stated that she did not like the tattoos, but that does not play a role if she were to sit on the jury.

A man said the tattoos are “a personal choice” both have been selected. Another candidate stated that she had three tattoos herself, but she was told that she did not have to sit. The jury selection has not yet been completed. If Bottoms is found guilty, he risks a life sentence.

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