Drunkards Association of Ghana suspends alcohol consumption due to covid-19

The Drunkards Association of Ghana has announced the suspension of alcohol consumption by its members, at least for the entire period of the coronavirus.

The decision arose after the World Health Organization (WHO) warned against excessive consumption of alcohol during the lockdown to stem the spreading of Covid-19.

Some people have another mind and argued that drinking alcohol in high concentrations can kill the COVID-19 virus. But the WHO dismissed the claims, saying it exposed humans’ immune systems to the virus instead.

Speaking during an interview on local radio Star FM, the president of the association, Moses Onyah, said his group would follow WHO’s advice and reduce their alcohol consumption.

“We are going to suspend alcohol consumption. We will not drink as much as we drank before. Because, in a day, a normal consumer can take four or five bottles of beer a day.”

“So, in a case like this, there is a WHO directive to reduce or stop consumption, which is what we are going to do because addicts cannot stop completely,” he reminds the members of the association.

“We will advise that at least if they get half or a smaller bottle a day, that’s enough,” Moses advises his members. Adding that: “But those who are not addicted can say for a month, we will stop drinking,” he concluded.

He also called for more education on the myths associated with COVID-19 and alcohol. Mr. Onyah believed that this would better inform members of his association about the dangers associated with excessive alcohol consumption during the pandemic.

Ghana has registered a total of 1,154 infected with the deadly lung disease, while nine (9) succumbed to the virus. 99 has been recovered and discharged from the hospital as of April 22, 2020

According to the Ghana Health Service, more people will be recovering from the disease.

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