Emaciated dog that was left in cage to die, survived tremendously

Dice was locked in a cage and left behind by his owners. If no one had discovered the three-year-old dog, he would have died of hunger and thirst. But fortunately, he was found just in time. And so, Dice could strengthen himself again into a beautiful, healthy four-legged friend.

This is the heart-warming story of a great transformation. In early November, some children alerted the police after finding an emaciated dog in a cage in the garden of an abandoned house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“When the tenants moved out of the house, they left the dog in the garden without food or water,” Tracey Godin told the local animal rescue centre. Some residents suspected that the four-legged friend was already there for a week alone. But perhaps Dice has been neglected for much longer. “He was rumpled, had no muscles, and probably had nothing fancy to eat for months,” Godin said.

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When the woman first met the animal, she did not know what she was seeing. He was so bad about it. “I immediately got tears in my eyes,” she said. “He could barely walk without falling. We feared he was not going to get it.”

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But Dice continued to fight and strengthen, thanks to the good care of the vet and the staff at the shelter. “It is unbelievable to see how Dice still dares to trust people after all he has experienced”, Godin said. “From the beginning, he was the most loving dog that you can imagine. He has a very nice character.”

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In December he was ready to be adopted. A family that already had two dogs, Dice wanted to join. “From the first meeting, they loved him.” Moreover, it turned out to be very good to click with the two children and the other dogs of the family.

“Yesterday they called me that they really wanted to adopt him,” Godin said. “I cried for happiness because I knew that after all these hardships Dice would finally get what he was entitled to: the sincere love of a warm family.”

Dice is now surrounded by love. ©Feeling Fine Rescue

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