Erdington, the traditional doctor that can restore women’s virginity

In Zimbabwe, several women flocks to a traditional doctor who claims to be able to restore the virginity of women. Since the abilities of the traditional doctor became public, many women approached him to seek his services.

Erdington Virimayi, from Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, claims to be both a prophet and a traditional doctor. He also calls himself a specialist in the enchantment of couples, giving enriching charms and fortifying the virility of men. According to Erdington Virimayi, restoring virginity is a very easy task for him.

“I restore virginity to girls as long as they follow what I tell them to do. It’s just that most men know me for offering manhood that meets their aspirations, but I also have a service for women.” He says.

He also claims that a soldier became very popular in the city after expanding his manhood. In praise of his prowess, he says, “he came back to me and thanked me for the service, saying that girls are scrambling for him after the service. That’s how we do it.”

The native doctor who is also a member of the Apostolic Church of Mugodhi said that there is nothing wrong with mixing traditional practices and Christianity. He even reads a Bible for his clients because he is also a prophet.

“I started to heal in 1989, and I received prophetic visions. A mermaid then took me and I was introduced to traditional healing. So, I was a prophet until 2000 and now I am both a traditional prophet and a healer.”

Virimayi has customers from different countries, some of whom come from South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

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