Facts about Tutankhamun of Egypt

Tutankhamun inherited the throne at the age of nine in the 14th century BC. He ruled Egypt for ten years. His reign was not marked by anything special, except for one, but a very important thing.

The young pharaoh abandoned the unpopular reforms of his father, the “king of heretics” Akhenaten. He made serious changes in society, canceling Akhenaten’s decree that the sun god Aton is the only deity.

The Egyptian god Amon took his place again. Also, Tutankhamun restored the city of Thebes as the capital of the state.

Pharaoh died at a young age under very mysterious circumstances. His death proved to be the most important contribution to history.


The fact is that more than three millennia later, the British Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered the last refuge of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings.

It was one of the best-preserved Egyptian burial sites ever discovered. It was it that helped shape the entire modern understanding of ancient Egyptian customs.

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