Fall of Trump: lost election, court cases and suspended on social networks

He lost the presidential election, failed to accept defeat, and went to court. He lost the court cases due to no substantial evidence. He keeps getting suspension from social networks on the ground of the “risk of violence”. Is that all? No! Impeachment is at his doorstep—the fall of trump after the election.

The outgoing President of the United States, Donald Trump, is beginning the most spectacular fall that no leader in the world has ever known, the result of his many slip-ups that have compromised the lives of many Americans. After Donald Trump failed to acknowledge defeat against his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, the POTUS went to court but unfortunately lost several election lawsuits.

The dizzying descent into hell for the President of the world’s leading power, Donald Trump of the United States of America. Who would have believed it? And yet, this is the scenario that is now taking shape.

As impeachment proceedings are initiated against the United States’ outgoing President, YouTube decides to suspend Donald Trump’s channel.

On Tuesday 12 January 2021, a decision from YouTube was followed by removing a video on the grounds of “risk of violence”. It follows similar decisions taken by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, following Capitol Hill’s violence that left several people dead.

‘Given concerns about the current risk of violence, we have removed the new content posted on Donald J. Trump’s channel for violating our policies,” the Google-owned YouTube site wrote in a news release. The reason given was a violation of Google’s policy against incitement to violence.

For security reasons, YouTube also said it would “indefinitely disable comments” on the Trump channel, after disabling a month-old video on the leader’s channel’s homepage that challenged the presidential election and had recorded some 5.8 million views.

This is a veritable descent into hell for the outgoing President of the United States, after Facebook suspended his Facebook and Instagram accounts following the violent invasion of Capitol Hill. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said Donald Trump had used the platform to incite violence, and that there was a severe threat of repeat offenses.

While social networks such as Snapchat and Twitch have also suspended the outgoing President’s account, Donald Trump is the subject of an impeachment attempt that, if successful, would prevent him from running for re-election in the US elections for life. Is Donald Trump’s world collapsing? It might as well be.

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