Fans beg Khloe to stop lip injections: “You look like an alien”

Khloe Kardashian (34) is not afraid of a visit to the plastic surgeon, but her fans are worried. After Khloe posted a selfie yesterday showing her thick lips clearly, they beg her to stop giving lip injections. “You’re going to destroy your face.”

Although Khloe wrote in her selfie that she only wanted to receive ‘good vibes’, things turned out completely differently. Her followers find it irresponsible that the reality star jeopardizes her natural good looks with botox and lip injections. “Just stop it, you were very beautiful without all those things,” they write. “Your lips look battered as if something went wrong while spraying.”

Others turn out more firmly with: “You look like an alien. Such unnaturally thick lips are really not attractive.” “Your eyes are pulled back too hard, your whole face looks different.”

Khloe herself did not respond to all the commotion.

Fans beg Khloe to stop lip injections: "You look like an alien"

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