Fatima Timbo: “Dwarf or Height is not a challenge”

Fatima Timbo (21), a British model measuring below two metres, is determined to continue her career to the end, despite her height.

Timbo claims that dwarfism poses no challenge to her, therefore she will not allow negativity to define her personality. In a recent interview with BBCNews, the 21-year-old British model talked about her job and the need to build confidence to inspire others to feel comfortable in their bodies.

Fatima Timbo: "Dwarf or Height is not a challenge"

Fatima said she will not let negative comments affect her or prevent her from promoting body positivity for people with dwarfism. “I will not be defined by my height,” she said, adding that she cannot change her appearance or what people say about her – but she has changed the way she looks at herself. For the model, her job helped her build confidence, and now she wants to be an inspiration to others.

Fatima Timbo: "Dwarf or Height is not a challenge"

Fatima, who is also a finance trainee, revealed that after being bullied throughout high school, she finally learned to accept her condition and in 2017, she began her modelling career. She has over thirty thousand subscribers on Instagram.

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