Fear of rush on ‘dexamethasone’, a drug for Covid-19 treatment

Do not go to your doctor or pharmacy en masse to buy dexamethasone. It was previously revealed that the drug could help treat Covid-19 patients. But taking preventive is no use, according to some doctors.

The drug dexamethasone is an anti-inflammatory that you can obtain in a pharmacy by prescription. It has been around for 50 years, but a recent study shows that it also helps fight Covid-19.

In severely ill corona patients, the risk of death decreased by one third, in slightly less ill patients, the mortality rate decreased by one fifth.

Some health agencies are now afraid that people will all hoard it now. But they don’t think that makes any sense.

You shouldn’t go to your doctor and say, I heard this works. No, it is only for very seriously ill patients. Definitely do not take preventative, because it has many side effects, for example, it makes you fatter, it makes you diabetic, and it causes osteoporosis. So really don’t use it preventively.

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