Fitness fan dies after drinking alcohol on an empty stomach

A young Briton addicted to fitness collapsed before dying within seconds of a metabolic complication. The cause: she had consumed alcohol on an empty stomach.

A 27-year-old British sportswoman died after drinking alcohol on an empty stomach at her home, reports The Sun. She was stricken with alcoholic ketoacidosis, a metabolic complication that can be triggered by drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.

She collapsed in the garden and died without even having had time to call the doctors.

A shock

Friends say that the young woman, originally from Brighton, was not an alcoholic but was a health fanatic. She was cycling and running every day. So her death was a shock.

Her comrades thus ask for more information about her state of health in order to be able to prevent such tragedies in the future, explaining in addition that it is essential to eat well while drinking.

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