French mum strangles daughter (1), throws body in container for old clothes

The search for a missing girl (1) in France has ended in a drama. Little Vanilla was reported missing on Saturday and found a day later in a container for old clothes. Her mother (39) confessed to suffocating the girl. The woman is in the cell.

The terrible facts took place in Angers, 300 kilometers southwest of Paris. Mother Nathalie S. had been staying there for a year in a shelter for pregnant and single women. The woman was struggling with psychological problems and had already tried to get out of life a few months ago. In the center, she could see her little daughter – who had been placed in a foster family by a judge at birth – from time to time. On Friday, she and Vanilla left the center around 11 o’clock in the morning. She had to be back by 5.30 pm but did not show up.


When she still hadn’t surfaced the next day, the alarm was raised. The woman was finally located in a hotel in Nantes on Sunday morning. There was no trace of Vanilla, which worried the detectives. Rightly so, it turned out later.

During her interrogation, the woman admitted that she had killed her daughter, and she led the detectives to the place where she had dumped the body: in a clothing container near where she lived. She gave no further explanation as to what exactly had happened.

A law doctor went to the scene to determine the cause of death. According to the public prosecutor, Vanilla is said to have died on Friday afternoon, between 1 and 3 p.m. The mother would have stifled or strangled her daughter. As a result, the indictment of ‘kidnapping of a minor family member’ was converted into the ‘murder of a minor family member’. Mother Nathalie S. has been taken into custody.

Le Parisien
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