From Grand P to Grand S! Is Eudoxie Yao in circle of short men?

Is it possible that Eudoxie Yao has a weakness towards short men? Following the kicking of “Grand P,” as she recently said in an interview, the Ivorian “biggest hip” seems to have discovered the Guinean ambassador’s replacement in the figure of “Grand S”.

Eudoxie Yao, who is now in Niamey, Niger, on an invitation, uploaded images from an evening in which she can be seen snapping selfies with “Grand S.”

He’d said it, and now he was on the edge of realizing his goal. Grand S of Niger had promised his Guinean counterpart, “Grand P,” that he would abduct Eudoxie Yao, his “fiancée.”

Grand S with Eudoxie Yao
Grand S with Eudoxie Yao

The occasion being the thief, Grand S takes advantage of the Ivorian “Biggest hip’s” stay in Niamey to attempt to build the groundwork. Eudoxie Yao, who loved the event, posted images of herself snapping selfies with “Grand S” on social media.

Grand S
The Niger Grand S

Clichés that would definitely annoy “Grand P.” For the time being, the Guinean ambassador maintains his composure after openly expressing his love for Senegalese singer Viviane Chidid during her recent visit to Dakar.

A narrative that would also be the source of his feud with his “fiancée.” Nonetheless, Internet fans are concerned that this is the beginning of the end for “Grand P” and Eudoxie Yao’s relationship.

Reactions from fans

“I’m immediately sending a message to Grand P,” Maryse Régna stated cynically. “Grand P will ignite the global war soon,” Scolastique Zerbo predicts. “He’s Grand P’s opponent, or rather, he has a severe competition.” Tambla Daouda remarked, “he will now take you seriously.” “Where is Grand P?” Mamana Sanon laughed. “But don’t worry, she loves you to the point of affection.” Tonton du Bled believes that this lady has “a problem with short males”.

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