Eudoxie Yao leaves Grand P, because of Viviane Chidid?

Between Grand P and Eudoxie Yao, is it over? For some time, rumours circulated about a romantic relationship between the Ivorian “biggest hip” and the Guinean billionaire Beydi Aribot. Grand P was only a toy to hide this “forbidden love”. In a post on social media, the curvaceous woman revealed that she is now single.

Guinean artist Grand P, who dreamed of having Eudoxie Yao as his wife, hit the post. Indeed, the Ivorian “curvy”, suspected of being in a romantic relationship with the Guinean billionaire Beydi Aribot, revealed to her fans that she is now single.

“My babies, I’m single, but not a heart to be taken. I will focus on my music…,” she said. She spills Grand P’s “Borokhé” in passing with a goumin (heartbreak, ed. note).

Grand P threatens his rivals: “Eudoxie is my wife! I don’t accept bullshit”
Grand P and Eudoxie

If Eudoxie Yao had mentioned music as a reason, the reality would be quite different. Grand P would be too jealous, which would even be at the origin of this rupture.


According to the Ivorian “go bobaraba”, this is not the first time she has seen “Grand P” appear with several women. And her decision to end their romance is due to the fact that she recently saw him appear with the Senegalese artist by the name of Viviane Chidid, ex-wife of Bouba Ndour, the younger brother of the king of Mbalax, Youssou Ndour.

The last straw is that Grand P published a message saying that “Dakar is the one that is sweet”, leaving hearts in front of the name of the Senegalese artist.


Something that Eudoxie Yao did not appreciate and preferred to end their love affair. A decision that did not fail to provoke reactions? “I knew you had fun with Grand P and his money to create a buzz,” says her fan. “Wicked woman, you broke Grand P’s heart by making him believe in your love”, criticizes Jean-Pierre Youla, one of her fans.

“Personally, I never considered you to be in a relationship. Grand P’s business was the cartoon,” says Farida. “Someone leaves, someone takes. It is the man who makes the man, the plan is there fits in my inbox,” said another.

“In all this time, I have never listened to a single piece of music by Eudoxie Yao. Is it you who is not a real artist, or is it me who is still sleeping?” Fofana asked.

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