A “secret” admirer gave 100 million to Eudoxie Yao as a gift

As announced some time ago, the Ivorian “biggest hip” Eudoxie Yao, was a year older. The “fiancée” of the Guinean artist “Grand P” shared her joy and happiness with her fans on social networks. If she did not reveal the nature of the Guinean ambassador’s gift, Eudoxie Yao revealed that an admirer gave her 100 million FCFA (about 186,000 United States Dollar).

This Monday, June 14th, Eudoxie Yao, celebrated her birthday in total enjoyment. She wanted to share her joy and happiness with her fans on social networks. “Today is my best and true birthday because I was born on Monday, June 14th at 11:00 am, and today is Monday, June 14th. Thank you to my God who allowed me to see this day. Today marks a new beginning in all areas of my life. May God give me a long and healthy life. My babies, I love you piannnnnnnn,” she posted in a tight golden outfit.

Eudoxie Yao celebrates her birthday
Eudoxie Yao celebrates her birthday

The Ivorian “go bobaraba”, Eudoxie Yao, also received a huge gift in a bundle of banknotes. 100 million FCFA, from an admirer. A revelation that deserves a little investigation by “Grand P”, who has been commuting for a few days between Conakry, Bamako, and Abidjan, in the company of Badro Escobar and the Malian “Grand M”.

“I thank all these people who continue to show their affection on the occasion of my birthday. I also thank this admirer who pleasantly surprised me. He offered me a large lot near Bingerville. In addition, the tidy sum of 100 million FCFA, to start the construction work of my castle. Thank God, it is from Guinea where I am now that I received the tidy sum. If I were in Abidjan, it is sure that I would not get out of it,” she also revealed.

Several of her fans also wished her a happy birthday. “Happy birthday to you, African beauty Eudoxie Yao. Long-life to you, only happiness, prosperity, joy and love ”, wished one of her fans. “Frankly, this holy mountain is very original, that is why I have always said that the woman is a wonder here below where God has spent a lot of energy to make her because it is she who makes the world a better place. Happy birthday woman,” one of her fans complimented.

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