Funny and viral! Woman moans while performing exercises

It is clear that exercise improves health standards; However, a woman of American origin took the practice to the limit, surprising thousands of passers-by with their original routines.

Various media have stated that you can exercise with various instruments; it is not necessary to buy devices to help shape figure, maintained fit and reduce diseases, mostly cardiac type, just enough with simple elements that almost all we have in our hands.

This was shown by a blonde woman who uploaded a comedic video to The Daily Drop, one of the best applications of social content with a proposal similar to what the late Vine was.

The comic content of the gadget allowed this young woman to carry out one of the best jokes of the month; It is a video in which the girl showed her talent by breaking through passers-by on the descent of some escalators.


In the funny clip, you can see that the woman draws attention due to her turned body. Which moves according to the direction of people looking to go down the stairs, for whom it is difficult to avoid the athlete because it keeps the vision in the opposite direction to that of its victims, disguising the grace of the moment.

The reaction of the people is surprising, because most of them blush at the moans of the blonde stars.


The video has been placed as one of the favourites of the channel; However, it has not been virialized, because to see it, it is necessary to download the application. Although, thanks to the intervention of a user you can enjoy part of it on YouTube.

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